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Join us in our fight to protect our planet and learn with us through fun games for all ages!

 About Green Rank

Kids are at the center of our products and our products are crafted with love for kids and for our beautiful planet.

We believe that kids learn best through play, and have created products that challenge them, while teaching them through games.

Whether you’re a care-taker or a teacher, join us and our cute characters in our quest to save our planet, by learning how to make green choices.

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Letter from Maria

Dear all,

I’m so glad you’re here!  Green Rank is a big part of my heart, and I’m excited to share it with you.

I believe that we often don’t make the right choices because we don’t understand the consequences of our actions. I also believe that playing is where learning happens! 

Learning how “to be green” is no different. This is why, I want to teach kids how to appreciate and protect our planet through interactive games, that teach them about the environment, while engaging their cognitive, emotional and motor skill .

Green Rank is a labor of love, stemming from my belief in this great cause. Join us on our journey, and help the kids in your life become Eco Heroes! We’re waiting for you!



  Our Story

Green Rank started in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by the beauty of the ocean and the mountains, it’s easy to be inspired and to want to protect

Our mission is to inspire and educate kids to save and protect our planet, in a fun and playful way, that helps in their development.

Ge – our cute Eco Hero – is named after Gaia, the Greek Mother Earth goddess. In his journey to save the planet, he’s joined by Oinky – his friendly eco supporter, and Tricky, the eco trickster who doesn’t care much about our planet.

Our Green Rank heroes – human or not – love teaching kids about the environment through games that help them learn, without even knowing.

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