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Join us in our fight to protect our planet and learn with us through fun games for all ages!


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Playing is when learning happens. Join us in teaching our kids how to protect our planet, while challenging their cognitive and motor skills through fun games! 


Our Mission

Playing is when learning happens. Our mission is to inspire and educate kids to save and protect our planet, in a fun and playful way, that helps in their development.

Ge is our cute Eco-Hero (and eco bear!) and he teaches his friends about our planet. Some of his friends are stubborn, and some are quite the rule followers. They all learn, however, and have fun at it.

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Teach our kids today, for a better tomorrow!

 Our Books

Our interactive books, crafted for little kids, are fun and stimulate them through happy music, nature sounds and cheery sound effects, as well as through motor and cognitive tasks that help them learn.  

The topics are focused on our planet, and teach kids about Mother Earth and how we can preserve its beauty.  

Green Our Home.jpg

Green Our Home

Kids solve puzzles, fulfill tasks, listen to our narrator, and also learn about what can be recycled at home. They also engage their emotions, as they see the impact of their actions on the planet.

For all this, they learn from Ge, who’s teaching his Oinky and Tricky about what he learned at school. Oinky is more of a rule follower, but Tricky… well, she’s tricky. She is a bit stubborn, so more of a challenge for Ge to teach her.

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Save Our Oceans.jpg

Save Our Ocean

Kids learn about the ocean, and what they can do to protect it. They hear nature sounds, and cherry encouragements, and test their motor skills with drag and drop activities. They learn alongside Ge and Oinky, by helping them recycle, and also get to meet Ge’s parents.

The book focuses on many repetitive tasks that kids enjoy doing again and again, while seeing the results – happy or sad Ge – of their actions.

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 Green Tips

Knowledge is power! This is why we want everyone – adults and kids alike - to understand how our daily actions impact our planet. Check out our Green Tips section to learn more about what you can do in your everyday life to reduce your carbon footprint.

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In our fight to preserve our beautiful planet